Byung-Hoon Ko

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The electrocardiogram (ECG) is the main measurement parameter for effectively diagnosing chronic disease and guiding cardio-fitness therapy. ECGs contaminated by noise or artifacts disrupt the normal functioning of the automatic analysis algorithm. The objective of this study is to evaluate a method of measuring the HCP variation in motion artifacts through(More)
BACKGROUND In many studies related to the total hip arthroplasty, it has been found that incorrect alignment of the total hip component is one of the major factors influencing mechanical failures. Although various recommendations for cup orientation have been presented, there were few studies that seek to determine a proper orientation of the implants based(More)
This paper proposed an ultra-low power bandage-type ECG sensor (the size: 76 × 34 × 3 (mm(3)) and the power consumption: 1 mW) which allows for a continuous and real-time monitoring of a user's ECG signals over 24h during daily activities. For its compact size and lower power consumption, we designed the analog front-end, the SRP (Samsung Reconfigurable(More)
A bipolar mini-ECG for ubiquitous healthcare (U-ECG) has been introduced, and various studies using the U-ECG device are in progress. Because it uses two electrodes within a small torso surface area, the design of the U-ECG must be suitable for detecting ECG signals. Using a 3-D model of cardiac electrophysiology, we have developed a simulation method for(More)
There was no significant association between diabetes prevalence and income levels for either sex in 1998. However, the high income level in men and the low income level in women positively related to the odds of diabetes in 2011-2012. Preventive strategies for diabetes should consider the gender-specific economic discrepancy.
Previous studies have shown that the accuracy of computer-assisted surgery (CAS) via computed tomography (CT) free systems is useful when applied in the clinical realm. However, few studies have compared CAS systems to the current gold standard, manually applied measuring guides. Thirty total knee arthroplasties (TKA) were performed on artificial Sawbones(More)
This preliminary study investigates feasibility of a running speed based heart rate (HR) prediction. It is basically motivated from the assumption that there is a significant relationship between HR and the running speed. In order to verify the assumption, HR and running speed data from 217 subjects of varying aerobic capabilities were simultaneously(More)
In developing a wrist blood pressure monitor of high and reliable accuracy, the effect of different pressurization methods on the accuracy of blood pressure measurement at the wrist using oscillometry is investigated in this paper. 30 volunteers are recruited and blood pressure readings are taken with three different methods of pressurizing the wrist. It(More)
The obesity has grown to concerning proportions in recent years, and it causes heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, and colon cancer. To get healthy weight, commercial wearable devices with a accelerometer have been released to help users to quantitatively manage calories. However, an accelerometer has disadvantages: large power consumption and(More)