Byung - Ha Ahn

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This research paper presents a new 2-way double-type smartcard terminal and a new system design and development of a prescription order communication system (POCS) based on the Internet between the hospital and the pharmacy, on the public-key infrastructure (PKI), and on the concurrently parallel co-operation with both medical professional and patient smart(More)
This study considers the stability problem of a rigid robot manipulator with time-delay in the feedback loop. We consider in the stability analysis two cases, namely, time delay in state and output feedbacks. As far as the time delay factor is concerned, we extend previous results by considering the effect of multiple time-delay on the stability property of(More)
In this paper, we have designed a hardware architecture of the OpenCable set-top and the point of deployment (POD) module. The designed POD module has an embedded 32-bit RISC microprocessor which manages applications such as MPEG-2 filter, descrambler, and DES. We have proposed the OpenCable reference model and implemented a conditional access system (CAS).(More)
In recent, due to influence of the e-business, a wide variety of application of the Internet to the healthcare information systems has been introduced and various pilot researches and developments or tests have been implemented. These new trials and attempts should be greatly efficient and successful for a viewpoint of the on-line workflow based on the(More)
Improvements in control systems have long been reflected through continuous study, research and developmental activities. This paper presents a citation of control-related interdisciplinary disciplines (ID) that falls in the field of macro and micro automation and machine control systems. The paper first stresses the need for an interdisciplinary approach(More)
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