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2-dimensional antenna beamforming is studied in this paper. Beamforming technique can reduce interferences signals to increase SNR. Because of this advantage, beamforming technique was adapted for WPAN (wireless personal area network) using 60GHz band. Since this 60GHz band signal has a characteristic of low diffraction, it is good for indoor communication(More)
Single carrier M-APSK modulation technique is well used in satellite communication system due to the low PAPR so that the we can expect more resistance to the non-linear distortion. Although TWTA has high amplification efficiency, it may produce serious non-linear distortion. Memory effect that can be observed in the very high speed data rate would be(More)
In this paper, we propose a wireless repeater with DFE (decision feedback equalizer) based on LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) codes. So as to meet ever increasing requirements on higher wireless access data rate and better quality of service (QoS), the wireless repeater system studied. In the wireless repeater, the feedback channel and RF impairments such(More)
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