Byung-Chul Park

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Traditionally, Internet applications have been identified by using predefined well-known ports with questionable accuracy. An alternative approach, application-layer signature mapping, involves the exhaustive search of reliable signatures but with more promising accuracy. With a prior protocol knowledge, the signature generation can guarantee a high(More)
OBJECTIVES Thoracic myelopathy secondary to OLF is a rare disease described almost exclusively in Japanese patients. Few series of OLF in South Korean subjects has previously been published. This study is to describe the clinical and radiologic aspects, as well as surgical outcomes in a group of South Korean patients. METHODS A retrospective study of 8(More)
BACKGROUND We are not aware of any clinical studies in the literature comparing the results of vascularized and nonvascularized fibular grafting for the treatment of osteonecrosis of the femoral head. The purpose of this study was to compare the clinical results of free vascularized fibular grafting with those of nonvascularized fibular grafting. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND The time for femoral lengthening is shortened if external fixation is combined with intramedullary nailing. However, several complications have been reported with this procedure. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the outcome of femoral lengthening performed over an intramedullary nail using external fixation in 22 patients. These(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the position of the screws and find the difference of clinical and radiologic outcome between the volar approach and the dorsal approach groups in percutaneous screw fixation for acute scaphoid fractures. METHODS Forty-one consecutive patients with an acute scaphoid fracture, who had percutaneous fixation via either the volar approach(More)
This retrospective study was performed to understand the clinical results after closed reduction and open reduction in 35 children (mean age 6.4 years) with completely displaced supracondylar fractures of the distal humerus between 1996 and 2000. Closed reduction (21 cases) was attempted, with open reduction (14 cases) indicated in irreducible cases with or(More)
Although ipsilateral femoral shaft and neck fractures are difficult to treat, there is still no consensus on the optimal treatment of this complex injury. We report the results of treating the 17 fractures with a standard protocol of retrograde nailing for diaphyseal fractures and subsequent screw fixation for the femoral neck fractures. Seventeen injuries(More)
STUDY DESIGN We performed a prospective study to evaluate the reliability of using triggered electromyography (EMG) for predicting pedicle wall breakthrough during the placement of pedicle screw in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis surgery. PURPOSE We wanted to correlate pedicle wall breakthrough with the triggered EMG threshold of stimulation and the(More)
We treated 31 femoral shaft fractures in 28 children with a mean age of 6.7 (5–10) years with retrograde flexible intramedullary nailing. There were 16 isolated fractures, while 12 children had associated injuries. The average time for union was 10.5 weeks and there were no delayed unions. There was one broken nail requiring change of treatment, but no(More)
The role of different tissues in insulin action and their contribution to the pathogenesis of diabetes remain unclear. To examine this question, we have used genetic reconstitution experiments in mice. Genetic ablation of insulin receptors causes early postnatal death from diabetic ketoacidosis. We show that combined restoration of insulin receptor function(More)