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Methods based on hypothesis tests (HTs) in the Haar domain are widely used to denoise Pois-son count data. However, facing large datasets or real-time applications, Haar-based denoisers have to use the decimated transform to meet limited-memory or computation-time constraints. Unfortunately, for regular underlying intensities, decimation yields(More)
The process-based simulation library SALMO-OO represents an object-oriented implementation of mass balance equations for pelagic food webs consisting of diatoms, green algae, blue-green algae and cladocerans, as well as nutrient cycles based on PO 4 –P, NO 3 –N, DO and detritus in lakes. It gains its structural flexibility from alternative process(More)
The Multiscale Variance Stabilization Transform (MSVST) has recently been proposed for Poisson data denoising (Zhang et al., 2008a). This procedure, which is nonparametric, is based on thresholding wavelet coefficients. The restoration algorithm applied after thresholding provides good conservation of source flux. We present in this paper an extension of(More)
SALMO-OO represents an object-oriented simulation library for lake ecosystems that allows to determine generic model structures for certain lake categories. It is based on complex ordinary differential equations that can be assembled by alternative process equations for algal growth and grazing as well as zooplankton growth and mortality. It requires 128(More)
The Multi-scale Variance Stabilization Transform (MSVST) has recently been proposed for 2D Poisson data denoising. 1 In this work, we present an extension of the MSVST with the wavelet transform to multivariate data–each pixel is vector-valued–, where the vector field dimension may be the wavelength, the energy, or the time. Such data can be viewed naively(More)
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