Byron J. Bunker

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Thirty-eight individuals who had been previously hospitalized for burn injuries were interviewed about the problems that they had experienced as a result of their injuries, their rehabilitation goals, and factors that they believed had influenced either the rate or extent of their recovery. The problems that were most frequently mentioned by participants(More)
This study examined the reliability of a revised version of the Burn Specific Health Scale (BSHS). Two hundred fifty-four former patients recruited from eight burn centers in the southeastern United States participated in the study. Data were collected via chart review and mailed questionnaire. Factor analyses were used to identify seven subscales(More)
This study examined factors associated with psychologic distress among survivors of burn injury. The study tested hypotheses derived from Scheier and Carver's model of behavioral self-regulation and focused on two primary predictor variables: expectations concerning rehabilitative outcomes and the importance attached to those outcomes. The study used a(More)
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