Byron Georgantopoulos

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The present paper describes a methodology for automatic text summarisation of Greek texts which combines terminology extraction and sentence spotting. Since generating abstracts has proven a hard NLP task of questionable effectiveness, the paper focuses on the production of a special kind of abstracts, called extracts: sets of sentences taken from the(More)
In this paper we present a method aiming at (semi-)automating the process of eliciting domain specific terminological resources, in the framework of information extraction applications. The method aims at linguistically processing machine-readable text corpora and extracting lists of candidate multi-word terms of the domain, that would then be validated by(More)
The present dissertation and project describes a system for automatic summarising of texts. Instead of generating abstracts, a hard NLP task of questionable e ectiveness, the system tries to identify the most important sentences of the original text, thus producing an extract. The proposed, corpus-based and statistical approach exploits several heuristics(More)
We describe here a method for discovering imitative textual allusions in a large collection of Classical Latin poetry. In translating the logic of literary allusion into computational terms, we include not only traditional IR variables such as token similarity and ngrams, but also incorporate a comparison of syntactic structure as well. This provides a more(More)
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