Byram H. Ozer

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A mutation of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) that results in a tandem kinase domain duplication (TKD-EGFR) has been described in glioblastoma multiforme biopsies and cell lines. Although the TKD-EGFR confers tumorigenicity, little is known about the molecular underpinnings of receptor dysregulation. Therefore, we transfected B82L mouse(More)
Mixed surfactant-polyelectrolyte multilayer films were fabricated by both ionic self-assembly and spin assembly. A polycation [PEI = poly(ethylenimine)] was deposited from a dilute solution, while a polyanion (PAZO = poly[1-[4-(3-carboxy-4-hydroxyphenylazo) benzenesulfonamido]-1,2-ethanediyl, sodium salt]) was deposited from a mixture containing a fixed(More)
Many molecular species presented at surfaces can be reported by LCs, including small organic molecules and large biomolecules such as proteins [1, 2]. By combining the use of LCs with surfaces engineered to have nanoscopic topography and well-defined surface chemistry, we have demonstrated the detection of unlabeled proteins at sensitivity limits ≤ 1(More)
Elastomers based on poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS) are promising materials for fabrication of a wide range of microanalytical systems due to their mechanical and optical properties and ease of processing. To date, however, quantitative studies that demonstrate reliable and reproducible methods for attachment of binding groups that capture complex receptor(More)
Surface-induced ordering of liquid crystals (LCs) offers the basis of a label-free analytical technique for the detection of surface-bound biomolecules. The orientation-dependent energy of interaction of a LC with a surface (anchoring energy of LC), in particular, is both sensitive to the presence of surface-bound molecules and easily quantified. Herein, we(More)
Straight femur alignment during dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) acquisition is assumed to help ensure accurate bone mineral density (BMD) measurement. Use of bilateral femur positioners may not result in straight femur alignment. To assess the effect of a bilateral femur positioner on DXA results, we compared a standard fixed-width bilateral femur(More)
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