Byoung-Tae Choi

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A method for solving dense stereo matching problem is presented in this paper. First, a new generalized ground control points (GGCPs) scheme is introduced, where one or more disparity candidates for the true disparity of each pixel are assigned by local matching using the oriented spatial filters. By allowing "all" pixels to have multiple candidates for(More)
CG and Photo-realistic image composition in ocean scenes is frequently used in movies and TV advertisement. For complete image composition, we need camera motion data. In the case of an ocean scene, camera tracking is a very difficult task because it's impossible to use calibration tool in outdoor environment. Auto-calibration algorithm proposed by(More)
Human perception becomes an important factor in high quality image reproduction. One of the ways to improve image quality is to use experimental data. The psychophysical observer experiments for collecting perceptual attributes are described and the general structure and implementation of image control tool for changing images is described. Also the(More)
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