Byoung-Sun Lee

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As many-to-one traffic patterns prevail in data center networks, TCP flows often suffer from severe unfairness in sharing bottleneck bandwidth, which is known as the TCP outcast problem. The cause of the TCP outcast problem is the bursty packet losses by a drop-tail queue that triggers TCP timeouts and leads to decreasing the congestion window. This paper(More)
The meteorological satellite, GEO-KOMPSAT-2A, is being prepared to take over the role of COMS (Communications, Ocean, Meteorological Satellite) in Korea. GEO-KOMPSAT-2A is going to equip with advanced meteorological imager exhibiting high-performance and collect a variety of meteorological data. It also will be a satellite including space weather sensors(More)
Automation of the key flight dynamics operations for the low Earth orbit satellite mission control is designed and implemented. The automation includes coordinate transformation, tracking data formatting, orbit determination, and orbit prediction. An object-oriented design methodology is used for design of the automation system. Graphical user interface is(More)
The status of equipment which comprises a satellite should be controlled and monitored to operate the satellite and accomplish its mission. A satellite which performs the missions such as imaging of the specific target areas should continue to send the satellite command to shoot for targets. A communication satellite has to be commanded to configure a(More)
UA (Unmanned Aircraft) technology has rapidly advanced and its civilian applications such as public safety, research operation, and agricultural operation have been employed. To securely integrate the UAs into the general airspace, a reliable link to control and monitor those UAs is essentially required. The link between a UA and its GCS (Ground Control(More)
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