Byoung-Ju Choi

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Today large corporations are constructing enterprise data warehouses from disparate data sources in order to run enterprise-wide data analysis applications, including decision support systems, multidimensional online analytical applications, data mining, and customer relationship management systems. A major problem that is only beginning to be recognized is(More)
Hydrographic observation and biological samplings were conducted to assess the distribution of phytoplankton community over the sloping shelf of the eastern Yellow Sea in May 2012. The concentration of chlorophyll a was determined and phytoplankton was microscopically examined to conduct quantitative and cluster analyses. A cluster analysis of the(More)
A multi-nested prediction system for the Yellow Sea using drifter trajectory simulations was developed to predict the movements of an oil spill after the MV Hebei Spirit accident. The speeds of the oil spill trajectories predicted by the model without tidal forcing were substantially faster than the observations; however, predictions taking into account the(More)
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