Byoung-Chull Chung

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We have developed a binary T-DNA vector, pGA2717, that contains the promoter-less beta-glucuronidase (gus) gene adjacent to the right border and the promoter-less green fluorescence protein (gfp) gene next to the left border of the T-DNA. Therefore, inserting T-DNA into a gene can result in the activation of either gus or gfp. A total of 12 169 T-DNA(More)
We report a neutron-scattering study to characterize the ordering and local dynamics of spherical micelles formed by the triblock copolymer polyethylene oxide (PEO)--polypropylene oxide (PPO)--polyethylene oxide (Pluronic) in aqueous solution. The study focuses on two Pluronic species, F68 and F108, that have the same weight fraction of PEO but that differ(More)
We report x-ray photon correlation spectroscopy and diffusing wave spectroscopy studies of depletion gels formed from nanoscale silica colloids in solutions of nonabsorbing polymer following the cessation of shear. The two techniques provide a quantitatively coherent picture of the dynamics as ballistic or convective motion of colloidal clusters whose(More)
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