Byong Lee

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Most network intruders tend to use stepping-stones to attack or to invade other hosts to reduce the risks of being discovered. There have been many approaches that were proposed to detect stepping-stone since 1995. One of those approaches proposed by A. Blum detects stepping-stone by checking if the difference between the number of the send packets of an(More)
A bipotential polyelectrolyte complex with biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) powder dispersion provides an excellent option for protein adsorption and cell attachment and can facilitate enhanced bone regeneration. Application of the bipotential polyelectrolyte complex embedded in a spongy scaffold for faster healing of large segmental bone defects (LSBD) can(More)
Bone is a unique organ composed of mineralized hard tissue, unlike any other body part. The unique manner in which bone can constantly undergo self-remodeling has created interesting clinical approaches to the healing of damaged bone. Healing of large bone defects is achieved using implant materials that gradually integrate with the body after healing is(More)
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