Bynthia M. Anose

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The zinc finger E-box binding transcription factor ZEB1 (δEF1/Nil-2-a/AREB6/zfhx1a/TCF8/zfhep/BZP) is emerging as an important regulator of the epithelial to mesenchymal transitions (EMT) required for development and cancer metastasis. ZEB1 promotes EMT by repressing genes contributing to the epithelial phenotype while activating those associated with the(More)
The zinc finger E-box binding protein 1 (ZEB1) transcription factor belongs to a two-member family of zinc-finger homeodomain proteins involved in physiological and pathological events mostly relating to cell migration and epithelial to mesenchymal transitions (EMTs). ZEB1 (also known as δEF1, zfhx1a, TCF8, and Zfhep) plays a key role in regulating such(More)
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