Byeungwoo Jeon

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H.264 can be coded with 7 different block sizes for motion-compensation in the inter mode, and various spatial directional prediction modes in the intra mode. To achieve as highest coding efficiency as possible, H.264 encoder employs complex mode decision technique based on rate-distortion optimization. It calculates rate distortion cost (RDcost) of all(More)
As a universal sampling procedure, compressive sensing (CS) considers that all samples of compressible signal are equally important. However, it is not true in in image/video signal since human visual system is more sensitive to low frequency components. Therefore, CS theory has been extended to hybrid and multi-scale CS to better capture the low-frequency(More)
Fuzzy c-means (FCM) has been considered as an effective algorithm for image segmentation. However, it still suffers from two problems: one is insufficient robustness to image noise, and the other is the Euclidean distance in FCM, which is sensitive to outliers. In this paper, we propose two new algorithms, generalized FCM (GFCM) and hierarchical FCM (HFCM),(More)
This paper addresses a classification problem in which class definition through training samples or otherwise is provided a priori only for a particular class of interest. Considerable time and effort may be required to label samples necessary for defining all the classes existent in a given data set by collecting ground truth or by other means. Thus, this(More)
In this paper, a novel multiple description video coding scheme is proposed to insert and control the redundancy at macro block (MB) level. By analyzing the error propagation paths, the relative importance of each MB is determined. The paths, in practice, depend on both the video content and the adopted video coder. Considering the relative importance of(More)