Byeungleul Lee

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In this paper we propose a new class of sensitive and compact passive stress measurement pattern that uses the piezoresistivity of polysilicon. The proposed measurement pattern utilizes the resistance change of the beam that connects the structures moving in opposite directions. The unit structure is composed of a pair of bent beam actuators with apexes at(More)
We have developed a novel cantilever-type probe which is capable of less than 70 of pitch and 12g of force. This probe is suitable for wafer-level burn-in testing, function testing and circuit-board O/S testing including memory and RF devices. The probe was fabricated with epitaxial polysilicon on silicon substrate. The through via hole interconnection was(More)
In this paper, we examined the solar module characteristics at standard test condition and different temperature and irradiance using LabVIEW software. For full utilization of photovoltaic(PV) system, it can be controlled by maximum power point tracking(MPPT) algorithm. The LabVIEW programming can easily implement perturb and observe (P&O) algorithm(More)
The authors developed a cantilever-arrayed blood pressure sensor array fabricated by (111) silicon bulk-micromachining for the non-invasive and continuous measurement of blood pressure. The blood pressure sensor measures the blood pressure based on the change in the resistance of the piezoresistor on a 5-microm-thick-arrayed perforated membrane and(More)
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