Byeoung-su Kim

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Counting the amount of pedestrian flow is an important task for video surveillance applications. Most previous methods for pedestrian flow counting employed model-based detection or top-view cameras to measure pedestrian flow. However, those approaches are difficult to apply to realistic applications because of high complexity or specific camera set up. In(More)
This paper presents a new model of a management system for large-scale buildings that aims to deal with both static and dynamic spatial information. For this purpose, 3D CAD, 3D GIS and image processing are integrated. The geometrical information of a building is managed by GIS using a database built from 3D CAD. Also, the dynamic spatial information of a(More)
Human-beings have been improving the quality of their life with information technology (IT). They are also trying to take necessary information anywhere and anytime for live in comfortable circumstances and create comfortable spaces in circumstances close to life. In this conception, ubiquitous is still being advanced and spreading toward more various(More)
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