Byeongwoo Kang

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Recent years have seen large-scale litigation of standard-essential patents (SEPs) between companies like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Google, HTC, Microsoft, Kodak, and Research in Motion. Such patents are particular because they are, by definition, indispensable to any company wishing to implement a technical standard. Such patents bring substantial(More)
In this paper, we propose an application platform and development environment to enable medical specialists such as doctor and therapist to design and develop personalized mobile u-healthcare applications based on patientpsilas health conditions and environmental situations. The personalized applications are specified in the form of application scenario(More)
Obtaining essential intellectual property rights (IPRs) is important for innovation competition in the network industry, where technical standardization plays a critical role in development. In this study, we empirically investigate the determinants of essential IPRs for wireless communications standards by using the patent database. More specifically, we(More)
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