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Wireless ad hoc and sensor networks have been becoming increasingly essential in recent years because of their ability to monitor and manage real-time situational information for various novel services. Therefore, we propose an adaptive intelligent home energy management system (AiHEMS) using a wireless ad-hoc and sensor network, which consists of a(More)
In the paradigm shift of smart home to smart city, more sensors and smart objects will be deployed for user-centric service. To design the advanced smart city, understanding and analysis of duplicated sensors in current smart home services is important. In this paper, we categorize the smart home services and analyze the types of sensors that used in the(More)
We explore the nature of industry mission statements, and how a comprehensive and directed mission statement could lead to securing loyal consumers and successful industry performance. Through collecting and analyzing data on industry mission statements, we organize keywords extracted from the analysis, and further suggest methods in which companies can(More)
In this paper, Embedded Energy and Power Management System (EEPMS) to manage power consumption, automatic meter reading in home area is described. The EEPMS is a single phase digital kWh power meter with embedded Zigbee modem which utilize the Wireless sensor network to send its power usage reading using information back to the energy provider wirelessly.(More)