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Wireless ad hoc and sensor networks have been becoming increasingly essential in recent years because of their ability to monitor and manage real-time situational information for various novel services. Therefore, we propose an adaptive intelligent home energy management system (AiHEMS) using a wireless ad-hoc and sensor network, which consists of a(More)
Recently, two fields associated with electricity power and energy management are receiving a lot of attention. The first field is smart-grid related research that is based on the convergence of power technology and IT technology. The second field is research on renewable energy, which is a solution for the ongoing energy crisis and depletion of natural(More)
In this paper, Embedded Energy and Power Management System (EEPMS) to manage power consumption, automatic meter reading in home area is described. The EEPMS is a single phase digital kWh power meter with embedded Zigbee modem which utilize the Wireless sensor network to send its power usage reading using information back to the energy provider wirelessly.(More)