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The H.264/AVC video coding standard uses the rate distortion optimization (RDO) method to improve the compression performance in the intra prediction. Whereas the computational complexity is increased comparing with previous standards due to this method, even though this standard selects the best coding mode for the current macroblock. In this paper, a fast(More)
Inter-frame coding using interand intra-predictions plays an important role in achieving high compression efficiency in H.264/AVC. However, most intra-predictions are unnecessary, since the intra-coding mode occupies less than 5% of the overall coding in interframe coding. In this paper, we propose an intra mode skip algorithm for inter-frame coding in(More)
The H.264/AVC uses the rate distortion optimization (RDO) method as a measure to select the optimal coding mode. However, the computational complexity for RDO calculation is increased due to the various coding modes. In this paper, we analyzes that the best mode decision for 4 times 4 intra-prediction can be affected according to the relation of most(More)
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