Byeong-uk Lee

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Vehicle-to-vehicle collisions at intersections are increasing and much more danger than other regions. Researches using vehicle communication protocols such as VANET, WAVE have been carried out to prevent the accidents at intersection areas. However, those existing researches may have limitations to be used in real collision situations because the time of(More)
Recently, with the development and diffusion of internet, it has also increased the damage from malicious attacks. Worm attack refers to one of the malicious attack that replicates and spreads itself to the network. Especially, it is expected that the damage by worm in the tactical network which aims at victory in the engagement is more effective than that(More)
Various Internet of Things (IoT) Platforms are currently announced by major IT companies. Google also announced IoT open-sourced platform project which called as Physical Web. If Physical Web is released to the IoT marketplace, a number of beacons would be in demand because each service requires at least one beacon for connectivity. Small area which set(More)
The Bluetooth Low Energy is a promising technology widely used for Internet of things because of its low energy consumption. However, with the development of IoT, The disadvantage of BLE is becoming more obvious. Due to only three channel is used for BLE broadcasting, the signal collision would become very serious when a large number of BLE devices is(More)
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