Byeong Soo Kang

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The effects of clozapine on the activities of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) and voltage-sensitive calcium channels (VSCCs) were investigated and compared with those of chlorpromazine (CPZ) in bovine adrenal chromaffin cells. [(3)H]Norepinephrine ([(3)H]NE) secretion induced by activation of nAChRs was inhibited by clozapine and CPZ with(More)
Acori graminei Rhizoma (AGR) is shown to exhibit a number of pharmacological actions including sedation and anticonvulsive action. To further characterize its actions in the CNS, the present study evaluated the effects of essential oils (EO) from AGR on the excitotoxic neuronal cell death induced in primary rat cortical cell cultures. EO inhibited the(More)
Acori graminei rhizoma (AGR) are reported to exhibit a number of pharmacological actions in the central nervous system. The effects of the methanol extract of AGR on excitotoxic neuronal death were evaluated in the present study using cultured rat cortical neurons. Based on the phase-contrast microscopic examinations of cultures and lactate dehydrogenase(More)
Theiler's virus induces immune-mediated demyelinating disease similar to human MS in susceptible mice. Though the MHC class II-restricted T cell response is critical, susceptibility/resistance is also associated with a MHC class I haplotype. Here we report that perforin-deficient C57BL/6 mice (pKO) are susceptible to demyelination and develop clinical(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although MR imaging is considered the most effective method to confirm a diagnosis of WE, MR imaging studies designed to distinguish WE between NA and AL patients have yielded controversial results. The purpose of this study was to determine potential differences in MR imaging features between AL and NA patients with WE and to compare(More)
Purpose The purpose of this study is to select the major tongue diagnosis indicators and evaluate their significance in discriminating the subtypes of Pattern Identification (PI) from stroke patients. Methods Decision tree analysis was carried out using clinical data collected from 1502 stroke patients with same subtypes diagnosed identically by two experts(More)
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