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Auditory brainstem response and auditory cortex response were recorded repeatedly in 35 guinea pigs after exposure to intensive white noise (125 dB, 150 min.) for 62 d. the amplitude of evoked potential of acoustic nerve was decreased by 29% (P < 0.05), of the cochlear nuclei by 28% (P < 0.05). However, the amplitude of response of superior olives nuclei(More)
This article examined the level of importance of various sustainability features have with residents for cohousing residents in cohousing communities that have been completed between the years 2000 and 2009. And the purpose of this article was to identify specific priorities of existing cohousing residents with regard to sustainable building design and(More)
The cortex of guinea pig was divided into five regions and respective ablation of the different regions combined with local infiltration of kainic acid on the cortex was made to investigate the relationship between the different part of the cortex and MLR. The results of ablation showed that the main component of the MLR, wave Pa, still appeared unless the(More)
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