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Experiment 1, using rats, investigated the effect of adrenalectomy (ADX) on the invigoration of lever-contact performance that occurs in the autoshaping situation after a shift from acquisition to extinction (called the extinction spike). Groups of rats with ADX or sham operations were trained under spaced and massed conditions [average intertrial intervals(More)
The arousal hypothesis of the trial-spacing effect suggests that spaced-trial training increases emotional arousal and thus invigorates Pavlovian behavior, relative to massed-trial conditions. Emotional arousal was manipulated by varying reinforcer magnitude during training (either one or five food pellets/trial, across groups). In addition, autoshaping(More)
This paper examines the motion of a dense fluid that develops as an inertial gravity current of decreasing mass above a horizontal porous bed, while flow described by Darcy’s law occurs in the bed. Measurements of the mass and the front position of the current in a set of laboratory experiments performed by changing different parameters are presented. The(More)
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