By Andy Williams

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The records of 20 children with seizures who had cerebral tumor confirmed histologically between 1979 and 1989 have been reviewed. These patients represented 2.9% of all children presenting with seizures. Forty percent were aged 15 months or younger, all of whom presented with partial seizures. Initial misdiagnosis of seizures occurred in 25% of these(More)
The concept of conditioned reinforcement has received decreased attention in learning textbooks over the past decade, in part because of criticisms of its validity by major behavior theorists and in part because its explanatory function in a variety of different conditioning procedures has become uncertain. Critical data from the major procedures that have(More)
IT IS WELL KNOWN THAT MANY of Dickens's novels were published in monthly serial parts. Not so commonly known is that each of these monthly numbers consisted not only of Dickens's words and his illustrator's pictures but also a substantial advertising supplement. In the original serial numbers of The Pickwick Papers, the presence of advertising cannot escape(More)
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