Buyun Wang

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Inspired by the principle of the biological immune system (BIS), this paper discussed the relationship between the biological immune system and the cooperative air-defense system of system for surface warship formation (CASoSSWF). Furthermore the new function structure model of immune agents of the CASoSSWF are designed, the agents include the monitoring(More)
Aiming at helping patients bring back some of their lost physical capabilities due to injury or illness, this paper presents a novel gait simulator for their rehabilitation training. It can simulate the normal gait trajectory approximately and guide the patient’s feet to follow the preset trajectory repetitively. The gait simulator was developed based on an(More)
With an aim to master the development regulations of modern naval warfare, the author divides the complexity of modern naval warfare into the structure complexity and the behavior complexity for further measuring through analyzing the concept of naval warfare complexity. Firstly, the “distribution entropy of node strength” is brought forward(More)
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