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Application-level protocol specifications (i.e., how a protocol should behave) are helpful for network security management, including intrusion detection and intrusion prevention. The knowledge of protocol specifications is also an effective way of detecting malicious code. However, current methods for obtaining unknown protocol specifications highly rely(More)
Since the proposal of the XSL cryptanalysis and the construction of the big encryption system (BES), the potential for algebraic attacks against the advanced encryption system (AES), especially over GF(2<sup>8</sup>), has attracted a lot of attention from the cryptographic community. This paper presents an analysis of the compact XSL attack applied to the(More)
Network morphing aims at masking traffic to degrade the performance of traffic identification and classification. Several morphing strategies have been proposed as promising approaches, very few works, however, have investigated their impact on the actual traffic classification performance. This work sets out to fulfill this gap from an empirical study(More)
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