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1. Welcome Kees Neggers welcomed everyone to the meeting. The minutes of the last meeting held on 2 October 2013 were approved. These are available at 3. Actions from last meeting 10.2 Maxine Brown to contact Bob Patterson to see whether he can update the GLIF map. Done – this work is underway. 10.1 GLIF Secretariat to send out sponsorship requests for(More)
Nowadays, with the growth of heterogeneity of network equipment and software, and involved a variety of advanced network technology, the complexity of computer network have rapidly increased. Especially demands for high-performance network service in advanced data-intensive scientific research are dramatically increased. In order to cope with the network(More)
Information networks have emerged a major research area in the interest of healthcare. There are several applications in the R&D field of healthcare. Healthcare Network must ensure the reliability and efficiency because it transfer data of health. We consider distributed cloud systems, which deploy IPv6 and agents that are geographically distributed(More)
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