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Sleeve gastrectomy as revisional procedure for failed gastric banding or gastroplasty.
Veress Needle: A Simple Liver Retraction Technique for Lap Band Positioning in (Single Incision Laparoscopic Technique) SILS
A key problem in the application of SILS to gastricbanding (and other gastric surgeries) is how to achieveadequate retraction of the liver, without resorting to the standard trocar placement.
Cardiorespiratory function and VO2 kinetics after sleeve gastrectomy: a follow-up analysis
It can be concluded that LSG improved peak work capacity along with a lower maximal absolute aerobic capacity, which might be due to a loss of muscle mass and potentially impaired peripheral oxidative muscle metabolism, however, VO2 kinetics might suggest an initial restoration of peripheral oxidative Muscle capacity after a longer follow-up.
Track 7a: Obesity surgery
IGS therapy reduces the appetite, to result in weight loss without a corresponding change in ghrelin levels, therefore, weight loss produced by IGS was not accompanied by the increase in gh Relin levels associated to caloric restriction.