Buse Ustaoglu

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—In this paper, a throughput enhanced version of a new True Random Bit Generator (TRBG) based on a time-delay sampled-data system is proposed. This new TRBG has both analog and digital parts, which provides the dynamic behavior and the sample and delay process, respectively. The simple system equations and the ease of implementation make this new TRBG very(More)
—In order to implement reliable digital system, it is becoming important making tests and finding bugs by setting up a verification environment. It is possible to set up effective verification environment by using Universal Verification Methodology which is standardized and used in worldwide chip industry. In this work, the slave circuit of Serial(More)
To implement reliable digital systems, it is necessary to specify the capacity of testability. Particularly it is intensely important to test and detect faults in microprocessors in which be used in major system due to effect on whole system. In this paper, a microprocessor implemented in FPGA and a fault production circuit which is improved by being based(More)
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