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The complete works of Zhuangzi
Searching for qualified reading resources? We have the complete works of zhuangzi to check out, not only review, however also download them or perhaps check out online. Find this terrific bookExpand
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Chuang Tzu: Basic Writings
1. Introduction2. Free and Easy Wandering3. Discussion on Making All Things Equal4. The Secret of Caring for Life5. In the World of Men6. The Sign of Virtue Complete7. The Great and VenerableExpand
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On Intersemiotic Transposition
Under Hui-tsung, the last emperor of the Northern Sung whose reign ended in 1126, candidates for admission to the Imperial Painting Academy were habitually asked to compose a brush-and-ink paintingExpand
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Han Fei Tzu : basic writings
ForewardPrefaceOutline of Early Chinese HistoryIntroductionThe Way of the RulerOn Having StandardsThe Two HandlesWielding PowerThe Eight VillaniesThe Ten FaultsThe Difficulties of PersuasionMr.Expand
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Courtier and commoner in ancient China : selections from the History of the former Han
Pan Ku's celebrated and influential History of the Former Han has been a model for dynastic history since its appearance in the first century A.D. The narrative is rich in detail and characterized byExpand
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Ssu-ma Ch'ien.
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