Burton J Tabaac

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BACKGROUND For years, undivided attention during the presurgical "timeout" has been utilized as a precaution to ensure patient safety. The information relayed during the timeout is presented in a confirmatory nature rather than a delegation of new information. However, it is a standard of practice in which all members of the operating theater provide their(More)
Reproductive processes are inhibited by deficits in the availability of metabolic fuels, and this inhibition increases the chances of survival during energetic challenges and optimizes reproductive success by delaying energetically costly processes until fuels become available. The mechanisms that link energy availability to reproduction are unknown, and(More)
The causes and origins of pica remain unknown and are the source of speculation and heated debate. Bariatric surgery patients are increasingly being observed in eating disorders treatment programs. Often associated with pregnancy, iron deficiency anemia, early development and mental retardation, pica has only recently been noted in post bariatric surgery(More)
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