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We present a new le system that combines name-based and content-based a c c ess to les at the same time. Our design allows both methods to be used at any time, thus preserving the beneets of both. Users can create their own name spaces based on queries, on explicit path names, or on any combination interleaved arbitrarily. All regular le operations such as(More)
This paper describes a pattern-based approach to building packet classifiers. One novelty of the approach is that it can be implemented efficiently in both software and hardware. A performance study shows that the software implementation is about twice as fast as existing mechanisms, and that the hardware implementation is currently able to keep up with(More)
MPLS was originally designed to make IP routers are as fast as ATM switches for handling traffic. Just as in any other technology. MPLS has a specialized terminology all its own. An MPLS domain is the collection of routers running MPLS under the control of a single Administrator. An LSP (label-switched path) is a one-way (unidirectional) Flow of traffic,(More)
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