Burkhart Wolff

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We present a formal semantics for an object-oriented specification language. The formal semantics is presented as a conservative shallow embedding in Isabelle/hol and the language is oriented towards ocl formulae in the context of uml class diagrams. On this basis, we formally derive several equational and tableaux calculi, which form the basis of an(More)
The Circus specification language combines elements for complex data and behavior specifications, using an integration of Z and CSP with a refinement calculus. Its semantics is based on Hoare and He’s unifying theories of programming (UTP). We develop a machine-checked, formal semantics based on a “shallow embedding” of Circus in Isabelle/UTP (our semantic(More)
The HOL-TestGen environment is conceived as a system for modeling and semi-automated test generation with an emphasis on expressive power and generality. However, its underlying technical framework Isabelle/HOL supports the customization as well as the development of highly automated add-ons working in specific application domains. In this paper, we present(More)