Burkhard von Jagow

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Monoamines such as noradrenaline and serotonin are stored in secretory vesicles and released by exocytosis. Two related monoamine transporters, VMAT1 and VMAT2, mediate vesicular transmitter uptake. Previously we have reported that in the rat pheochromocytoma cell line PC 12 VMAT1, localized to peptide-containing secretory granules, is controlled by the(More)
PURPOSE To assess and compare the morphology of laser in situ keratomileusis flaps (LASIK) created by a 60 kHz femtosecond laser and a mechanical microkeratome. SETTING Department of Ophthalmology, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. METHODS Anterior segment optical coherence tomography (AS-OCT) (Visante) was used to assess 1(More)
Neurotransmitters of neurons and neuroendocrine cells are concentrated first in the cytosol and then in either small synaptic vesicles ofpresynaptic terminals or in secretory vesicles by the activity of specific transporters of the plasma and the vesicular membrane, respectively. In the central nervous system the postsynaptic response depends--amongst other(More)
The development of serotonergic neurons of the rat raphe was followed in primary neuronal cell cultures taken at embryonic days embryonic day 13 and embryonic day 14 from three different raphe sub-groups, topographically defined with respect to their position to the isthmus as rostral (R1), intermediate (R2) and caudal (R3). In neurons cultivated from(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the long-term functional results after surgery for macular pucker and macular holes with indocyanine green (ICG) staining of the internal limiting membrane. METHODS Long-term functional and anatomical outcomes of 16 eyes of 16 patients were evaluated for 7.3 years after ICG-assisted macular surgery. Examinations performed included(More)
PURPOSE Our purpose was to report a case of anterior optic neuropathy with pupillary edema in a patient treated with the TNF-alpha-antagonist adalimumab. METHODS We report the case of a 60-year-old woman with optic neuropathy in 1 eye after 6 months of treatment with adalimumab. RESULTS The patient developed decreased visual acuity of the left eye. The(More)
BACKGROUND With increasing numbers of lamellar keratoplasties, eye banks are challenged to deliver precut lamellar donor tissue. In Europe, the most common technique of corneal storage is organ culture which requires a deswelling process before surgical processing. The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of different deswelling times on the(More)
PURPOSE To assess the duration of the effect of intracameral bevacizumab in patients presenting with rubeosis iridis and neovascular glaucoma (NVG). METHODS Retrospective analysis of 24 consecutive eyes of 24 patients with decompensated NVG (> 21 mm Hg) treated with a single intracameral injection of bevacizumab over a minimum follow-up of 6 months. The(More)
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