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Modules 1–4
The detailed circuit diagrams of the Module 1 phono-amp section are shown in Figs. 15.3a–b and the respective – in-case – power supply unit circuit diagram is shown in Fig. 15.3c. I guess theseExpand
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Wodurch ist die Waldrandlage von Revieren der Heidelerche (Lullula arborea) bedingt — Eine Analyse möglicher Faktoren
In the breeding season of 1995 the ecological function of field-forest ecotones for Woodlarks (Lullula arborea) was examined on an ex-military area of heath in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. The hypothesisExpand
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Best Practices for Implementing Biotope Networks in Highly Fragment Landscapes: The Safety Net for the European Wildcat
The fragmentation of landscapes belongs to the major causes for the ongoing loss of biodiversity worldwide. Remaining habitats have become isolated patches within intensively used cultural landscapesExpand
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Mathcad Worksheets of BJTs and Noise
Chapter 6 contains a collection of 8 Mathcad worksheets that allow calculating the various gain and noise evaluation approaches of Chapter 5.
Amps, Pre-amps, Pre-pre-amps
The purpose of this book is an economic one: to enable the reader to calculate certain noise related aspects of a phono-amp before building it up, thus, saving a lot of energy and time as well asExpand
Thermoelektrische analyse (TEA), eine neue Methode zum gleichzeitigen Studium elektrischer und thermischer Eigenschaften von Polymeren
Es wird eine neue Untersuchungsmethode fur die gleichzeitige Beobachtung elektrischer und thermischer Eigenschaften von Polymeren dargestellt. Die thermoelektrische Analyse (TEA) verknupft dieExpand
The Hum Figure
The Hum Figure of Phono-Amps
This chapter deals with the measurement of the Hum Figure of hum-infected phono-amplifiers. There are many reasons why it is worth insisting on the identification and elimination of hum in audioExpand
Engine II Performance
This chapter presents the measured visible (graphs) and audible (via the author’s and other people’s ears) results of the many Engine II performance tests.