Burkhard Teichgräber

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The SBR technology is applied in about 1.3% of the wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in Germany. This caused the German Association for the Water Environment (ATV) to prepare the guideline ATV-M 210 to represent the state of the art for this type of WWTPs in Germany. The basic design parameters were derived from the standard ATV-A 131 for activated sludge(More)
Sludge bulking is still a problem in the operation of state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). The ozonation of returned activated sludge (RAS) is an innovative option as a non-specific measure for the control of filament growth. The applicability of sludge ozonation for bulking control of a large wastewater treatment plant was investigated. At(More)
Emschergenossenschaft and Lippeverband have developed a method to use radar-measured precipitation as an input for a real-time control of a combined sewer system containing several overflow structures. Two real-time control strategies have been developed and tested, one is solely volume-based, the other is volume and pollution-based. The system has been(More)
Worldwide, the standard methods for the determination of the important wastewater parameter chemical oxygen demand (COD) are still based on the use of the hazardous chemicals, mercury sulfate and chromium(VI). However, due to their properties they are meanwhile classified as "priority pollutants" and shall be phased out or banned in the frame of REACH(More)
The present report discusses the monitoring system for approximately 340 facilities for water management of the Emschergenossenschaft and Lippeverband. It is based on the operation control system of the wastewater treatment plants (currently 61) and the pumping stations of the Lippeverband, which has been created since 1985. For the near future, the(More)
Emschergenossenschaft and Lippeverband are a water association with more than 300 water management plants which has built an integrated management system in order to run the company according to the technological rules. The core element of the company management system is the Specific Business Instruction “Operation”. It contains definitions on the(More)
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