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Two series of analogues of riluzole, a blocker of excitatory amino acid mediated neurotransmission, have been synthesized: monosubstituted 2-benzothiazolamines and 3-substituted derivatives. Of all the compounds prepared in the first series, only 2-benzothiazolamines bearing alkyl, polyfluoroalkyl, or polyfluoroalkoxy substituents in the 6-position showed(More)
We report on a patient with acute intermittent porphyria, who received 8 AB0 incompatible units of packed red blood cells in an emergency situation. She never showed any signs of severe intravascular haemolysis. The patient died after four weeks because of a multi-organ failure caused from the malpractice of the porphyria. The problems of bedside testing,(More)
BACKGROUND Little is known about the mechanism by which amino acid polymorphisms outside the catalytically active cleft of ABO glycosyltransferases cause weak ABO phenotypes. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Extensive ABO phenotyping and genotyping were performed to classify the blood of a healthy blood group O donor with weak isoagglutinins. ABO antigen and(More)
BACKGROUND The Colton blood group antigens Co(a), Co(b) and Co3 are encoded by the AQP1 gene which produces a water channel forming integral protein. The extremely rare Co-deficiency enables immunisation against the Co3 isoantigen. MATERIALS AND METHODS Four patients from different regions of Europe who belong to the ethnic minority of Romani (Gypsy)(More)
Due to the scarce amount of data available, a retrospective analysis of patients treated with removable dental prostheses (RDPs) was performed. The aim of the trial was to evaluate the rate of repairs and failures of attachment-retained RDPs (AR-RDPs) compared to clasp-retained RDPs (CR-RDPs) with respect to cofactors (e.g., type of loading). In this(More)
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