Burkhard Igel

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False positive findings in primary tumor and metastasis diagnostics by FDG-PET due to FDG-uptake in inflammatory foci are documented in literature. The demonstrated case reveals that increased uptake of FDG in activated neutrophile granulocytes and macrophages has to be taken into consideration in therapy control under chemotherapy, too. In a 53 year old(More)
[Context/ Motivation] A smart device is a software-intensive system , which operates autonomously and interacts to some degree with other systems over wireless connections (e.g., a iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner). These systems are often faced with uncertainty in the environment. Runtime representations of requirements have recently gained more interested to(More)
We present a new approach for speech enhancement in the presence of non-stationary and rapidly changing background noise. A distributed microphone system is used to capture the acoustic characteristics of the environment. The input of each microphone is then classified either as speech or one of the predetermined noise types. Further enhancement of speech(More)
Software Development for Automotive Systems is becoming more and more complex. Cars are turned into software intensive and to some extent software defined products by the increasing functionality of the various electronic control units (ECUs). Major driving factors for this development are complex human-machine-interfaces (HMI), eMobility and autonomous(More)
The increasing amount of innovative software technologies in the automotive domain comes with challenges regarding inevitable distributed multi-core and many-core methodologies. Approaches for general purpose solutions have been studied over decades but do not completely meet the specific constraints (e. g. timing, safety, reliability, affinity, etc.) for(More)
Although robotic systems with a high amount of actuators, sensors and software-algorithms involve software development that is usually not trivial, model-based methods are rarely used. This paper presents the entire workflow, supporting the development steps from concept specifications to implementation of distributed robotic system, which are developed(More)
Tracking, partitioning and tracing in modern dynamic high performance computing systems are three of the most innovative and important development aspects for performance optimization purposes and state-of-the-art advanced quality. This paper discusses these three aspects with respect to distributed systems and proposes new mechanisms for an advanced(More)