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Recent advances in storage technology have enabled systems like Storage Area Networks, where disks are attached directly to the network, rather than being under the control of a single process. In such an environment there is no a priori bound on the number of processes that may access the network attached disks, and so <i>uniform</i> implementations are(More)
In recent years, many researchers have investigated optical interconnections as parallel computing. Optical interconnections are attractive due to their high bandwidth and concurrent access to the bus in a pipelined fashion. The Linear Array with Reconfigurable Pipelined Bus System (LARPBS) model is a powerful optical bus system that combines both the(More)
Providing shared-memory abstraction in message-passing systems often simplifies the development of distributed algorithms and allows for the reuse of shared-memory algorithms in the message-passing setting. A robust emulation of atomic single-writer/multi-reader registers in message-passing systems was developed by Attiya, Bar-Noy and Dolev (1995). This(More)
This paper considers quorum-replicated, multi-writer, multi-reader (MWMR) implementations of survivable atomic registers in a distributed message-passing system with processors prone to failures. Previous implementations in such settings invariably required two rounds of communication between readers/writers and replica owners. Hence the question arises(More)
This paper introduces a new interesting research question concerning tasks. The weak-test-and-set task has a uniform solution that requires only two Multi-Writer Multi-Reader (MWMR) registers. Recently it was shown that if we take the long-lived version and require a step complexity that is adaptive to interval contention then, like mutual exclusion, no(More)
The computer hardware of today's world was designed and architected for the purpose of running a single operating system and its applications and therefore most of the hardware of such computer would be left underutilized. Virtualization enables the option of running multiple virtual computers on a single physical system. This paper studies the various(More)
To solve many partial differential equations of different types domain decomposition techniques were developed. Such algorithms are generally very well suited for implementation on a virtual parallel machine , simulated on a distributed system. While such algorithms are readily available and well established in the literature, authors do usually not concern(More)
We present a generic module, called Fast Collect. Fast Collect is an implementation of Single-Writer Multi-Reader (SWMR) Shared-Memory in an asyn-chronous system in which a processor updates its cell and then reads in any order all the other cells. Our simple implementation of Fast Collect uses some Multi-Writer, Multi-Reader (MWMR) variables and one local(More)
Micro-blogging, or the posting of weblogs entries that have a small number of characters (160 characters or less), has recently become more mainstream. Services that implement micro-blogging such as Twitter are usually based on the client- server model. This limits their scalability and fault tolerance. In this paper, we present a new secure microblogging(More)