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The role of leg length discrepancy (LLD) both as a biomechanical impediment and a predisposing factor for associated musculoskeletal disorders has been a source of controversy for some time. LLD has been implicated in affecting gait and running mechanics and economy, standing posture, postural sway, as well as increased incidence of scoliosis, low back(More)
This paper describes the successful replacement of an existing legacy PLC (programmable logic controller)-based substation automation design with integrated mission-critical protection intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). The new design replaces existing radios and leased-line modems with a hybrid serial and Ethernet local area network (LAN) with wide(More)
BACKGROUND The amount of limb-length discrepancy necessary to adversely affect gait parameters in older adults is unknown, with information being largely anecdotal. This investigation was conducted to determine the effects of limb-length discrepancy on gait economy and lower-extremity muscle activity in older adults. METHODS Forty-four men and women(More)
This study tested whether ischemic exercise training (Tr(IS+EX)) would increase endurance of ischemic (Ex(IS)) and ramp exercise (Ex(RA)) knee-extension tests more than exercise training (Tr(EX)) alone. Ten healthy subjects performed pre- and posttraining tests with each leg. For Ex(RA), after subjects warmed up, a weight was added each minute until they(More)
STUDY DESIGN Resident's case problem. BACKGROUND Identifying stress fractures of the hip can be a challenging differential diagnosis. Pain presentation is not always predictable and radiographs may not show the fracture, especially during its early stages. Hip stress fractures left untreated can displace and necessitate open reduction internal fixation or(More)
BACKGROUND Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), an assessment of cardiorespiratory fitness, is regularly used as the primary outcome in exercise interventions. Many criteria have been suggested for validating such tests-most commonly, a plateau in oxygen consumption. The current study investigated the proportion of inactive individuals who reached a plateau in(More)
UNLABELLED Local cooling can induce an ergogenic effect during a short-term intense exercise. One proposed method of personal cooling involves heat extraction from the palm. PURPOSE In this study, we hypothesized that local palm cooling (PC) during rest intervals between progressive weight training sets will increase total repetitions and exercise volume(More)
STUDY DESIGN Experimental laboratory study. OBJECTIVES To measure the transmission of dexamethasone sodium phosphate (DEX-P) using iontophoresis as a function of skinfold tissue thickness and time elapsed between treatment and tissue extraction. BACKGROUND Iontophoresis is a modality used in physical therapy with the intent to drive medications through(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Despite improvement in pain and perceived function in older adults following total knee arthroplasty (TKA), objective outcome measures of muscular impairment and ambulatory function demonstrate significant deficits. Evidence suggests that quadriceps power may play a greater role in ambulatory function than measures of strength alone(More)