Burkay Genç

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Visualization is crucial to the effective analysis of biological pathways. A poorly laid out pathway confuses the user, while a well laid out one improves the user s comprehension of the underlying biological phenomenon. We present a new, elegant algorithm for layout of biological signaling pathways. Our algorithm uses a force-directed layout scheme, taking(More)
In this paper we study the problem of reconstructing orthogonal polyhedra from a putative vertex set, i.e., we are given a set of points and want to find an orthogonal polyhedron for which this is the set of vertices. We are especially interested in testing whether such a polyhedron is unique. Since this is not the case in general, we focus on orthogonally(More)
In this paper we describe a new, multi-graph approach for development of a comprehensive set of complexity management techniques for interactive graph visualization tools. This framework facilitates efficient implementation of management of multiple associated graphs with navigation links and nesting of graphs as well as ghosting, folding and hiding of(More)