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Spondylocostal dysplasia (Jarcho-Levin syndrome) comprises multiple malformations of the vertebrae and ribs coupled with a characteristic clinical picture of short neck, scoliosis, short trunk, and deformity of the rib cage. We describe a patient with the syndrome who also had spina bifida and diastematomyelia. We surmise that this association is not(More)
The median maternal serum free beta human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) multiple of the median (MOM) of 480 Down syndrome cases in the second trimester was 2.64, significantly greater than the reported median MOM of intact hCG (p < 0.0001). In 234 of these cases from retrospective and prospective studies, the effectiveness of maternal serum free beta hCG was(More)
Familial transmission of del (18p) syndrome from a mother to her daughter is rare and has been reported only once before. We report a female patient referred to us at age 18 years because of mental retardation associated with short stature. Similar clinical features are also seen in her mother. Chromosome analysis revealed a 46,XX, del (18) (p11.2)(More)
L I AL-GAZALI*, D DONNAIt, S A BERRYI, B SAY§, AND R F MUELLER* From *the Department of Genetic Counselling, The Clarendon Wing, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds; tthe Department of Medical Genetics, St Mary's Hospital, Manchester; tthe Division of Genetics, Department of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota; and §the H Allen Chapman(More)
We describe a patient with agenesis of the left lung who also had a chromosome abnormality, probably representing a duplication of the distal part of the upper arm of chromosome 2. In addition to this finding, the existence of familial cases of lung agenesis indicate that further studies are required for better understanding of the genetic aspects of this(More)
A family in which three male members had premature closure of the metopic suture with other suture involvement was studied. Each of the affected persons also had short stature and delayed development. The pattern of inheritance appeared to be X-linked recessive; however, the possibility of autosomal dominant inheritance with low expressivity in women could(More)