Burcu Ekmekçi

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RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES In this study, we investigated the diagnostic and grading value of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). MATERIALS AND METHODS Of the 120 subjects included in the present study, 72 were in the CTS group and 48 were in the healthy control group. In addition, the patients with CTS were further(More)
INTRODUCTION This study evaluated the applicability of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) of therapeutic ultrasound (US) and wrist splints in addition to clinical and electrophysiological assessments of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). METHODS This prospective study analyzed 41 patients (30 women, 11 men; 56 wrists) with CTS. Therapeutic US and(More)
Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) has revealed evidence of subcortical white matter abnormalities in the frontal area in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME). Decreased fractional anisotropy (FA) and increased mean diffusivity (MD) in the corticothalamic pathway have been detected in adult patients with JME. It has been demonstrated that, in adult patients with(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to investigate the location and size of ischemic stroke lesions that were frequently overlooked by diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI). MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of 162 patients who had symptoms suggesting ischemic stroke. National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale and Modified Rankin Scale(More)
Bathing-related epilepsy (BRE), which is also known as water immersion epilepsy, is a rare, benign, reflex epilepsy. It presents with focal seizures that occur during bathing with hot water and has a favorable prognosis (1). The exact mechanism underlying these seizures is unknown (1). This epilepsy is frequently confused with hot water epilepsy (HWE) and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate any possible effects of mean platelet volume (MPV) on short-term stroke prognosis and functional outcome in patients with first-ever acute ischemic stroke (FEAIS). METHODS This retrospective cross-sectional study included 798 FEAIS patients admitted to the emergency department of a tertiary care hospital in Adiyaman, Turkey(More)
STUDY DESIGN Case report. OBJECTIVE To present a case of primary hydatid cyst in the lumbar subcutaneous tissue affecting posterior paravertebral muscle and mimicking disc herniation. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Cystic hydatid disease is a rare but significant parasitic disease in endemic areas. Musculoskeletal or soft tissue hydatidosis accounts for(More)
This prospective randomized study aims at evaluating the electrophysiological results of endoscopic and open carpal ligament release in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. Included in the study were 41 patients diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome (21 hands in the endoscopic group and 20 hands in the open group). The Boston questionnaire was administered(More)
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