Burcu Altunrende

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Recent studies showed that sacral nerve stimulation might be an effective treatment option for chronic anal fissure. We aimed to evaluate the efficacy of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation as a noninvasive alternative treatment for chronic anal fissure by stimulating the sacral nerve in the ankle via the posterior tibial nerve. In this prospective(More)
Our aim was to compare the effect of high-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) over supplementary motor area with that of sham stimulation in restless legs syndrome (RLS). In this prospective study, patients were randomly assigned to either real stimulation group (11 patients), or sham stimulation group (8 patients) in a(More)
OBJECTIVE Salivary alpha amylase levels were measured to investigate sympathetic nervous system activity in migraine patients during attack, post-attack and interval periods of headache since salivary alpha amylase levels have been suggested as a potential indirect marker of sympatho-adrenal medullary activity in recent studies. METHODS 50 patients with(More)
Frontal sympathetic skin responses (F-SSRs) were recorded to investigate sympathetic nervous system activity in migraine headache (MH). Thirty-five patients with unilateral MH and 10 healthy volunteers were studied by evoking bilateral F-SSRs with electrical stimulation of the median nerve in attack, post-attack and interictal periods. The mean latencies(More)
OBJECTIVE The incidences of extrapyramidal symptoms and Parkinson's disease were reported to be increased in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In this study we aimed to explore the frequency of the symptoms of Parkinsonism among RA patients older than 60 years. PATIENTS AND METHODS 30 (6 males, 24 females) consecutive RA patients, followed at a(More)
  • Nebil YILDIZ, Sule Aydın TURKOGLU, +5 authors Tedavinin Etkisi
  • 2010
Objective: In recent years, increasing number of studies about the spinal cord pathology in Parkinson's disease had been conducted. H reflex investigation is an important choice in the studies dealing with neurophysiological and interneuronal alterations of the spinal cord. The effect of the dopaminergic treatment on the spinal interneuronal reflex pathways(More)
OBJECTIVE Cognitive impairment (CI) in multiple sclerosis (MS) can develop any time. CI is associated with the degree of neuronal loss, but disease duration, fatigue, comorbid affective disorder, and drug dose may also affect cognition. Our aim was to assess which cognitive domain was disturbed primarily in mild MS patients and to see whether CI was related(More)
Özden Arısoy1, Burcu Altunrende2, Mehmet Hamid Boztaş1, Safiye Gürel3, Fatma Sırmatel4, Mustafa Sercan1 1Abant İzzet Baysal University, Department of Psychiatry, Bolu, Turkey 2İstanbul Bilim University, Medical Faculty, Department of Neurology, İstanbul, Turkey 3 Abant İzzet Baysal University, Department of Radiology, Bolu, Turkey 4Abant İzzet Baysal(More)
Although the role of autonomic nervous system in seborrheic dermatitis (SD) is still unclear, seborrhea is sometimes accepted as a sign of autonomic dysfunction in several nervous system diseases. Therefore, we aimed to investigate the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) activity in SD by recording sympathetic skin responses (SSR) from the scalp (S-SSR).(More)
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