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Chondroid syringoma is a rare eccrine tumor that is often benign but has the potential for malignant transformation and distant metastasis. Histopathological analysis may not be definitive, and any patient with atypical features, an accelerated clinical course, or high suspicion for malignant transformation is a candidate for immediate surgical intervention(More)
The internal thoracic artery (ITA) is typically harvested from the chest wall by means of conventional electrocautery. We investigated the effects of electrocautery on endothelial-cell and vessel-wall morphology at the ultrastructural level during ITA harvesting. Internal thoracic artery specimens from 20 patients who underwent elective coronary artery(More)
Among the potential risks of nasotracheal intubation are nasal bleeding, sinusitis, bacteremia, accidental turbinectomy, and some other structural damages. Retropharyngeal dissection is reported as a very rare complication of nasotracheal intubation, mostly encountered in elective surgery patients. A case with traumatic subcondylar fracture of the mandible(More)
BACKGROUND A beautiful and appealing nose receives the greatest contribution from the nasal tip subunit, which should be regarded as the primary center of attention during a rhinoplasty procedure. In achieving the desired shape and position of the nasal tip during closed rhinoplasty, the septocolumellar suture functions as the major determinant together(More)
BACKGROUND Periosteal flaps possess osteoprogenitor cells and an osteoinductive potential that can be further augmented by combination with a biodegradable scaffold; therefore, various osteoconductive and osteostimulative biomaterials are frequently combined with periosteal flaps in studies of bone prefabrication. An experimental study was designed to(More)
We describe a case of mitral valve annular dilatation caused by a huge left atrial myxoma obstructing the mitral valve orifice. A 50-year-old man presenting with palpitation was found to have a huge left atrial myxoma protruding into the left ventricle during diastole, causing severe mitral regurgitation. The diagnosis was made with echocardiogram.(More)
  • Burak Ersoy
  • Burns : journal of the International Society for…
  • 2014
Skin contractures secondary to burn and other types of trauma can be encountered on almost every part of human body, best addressed by a custom treatment protocol tailored for each patient. Skin graft, local flap as well as distant flap options are available, each with intrinsic advantages and disadvantages. In the presence of weblike contracture the(More)
BACKGROUND Self-inflicted injuries are among the preventable forms of hand injury. Psychologic factors underlying these injuries have not been studied sufficiently. This study aims to reveal the extent of injury and the morbidity as well as the psychologic factors in a population of patients who intentionally injured themselves by punching glass. METHODS(More)
Many head and neck surgery procedures are performed in the scalp area. However, during these procedures, hair usually interferes with the visualization of the surgical area, reducing the surgeons’ comfort. Other technical difficulties originating from hair include suturing and hemostasis problems, infection, and bad scar formation. Removal of the hair in(More)