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Bronchogenic cyst of the right hemidiaphragm mimicking a hydatid cyst of the liver: report of the first pediatric case
A case of BC that originated from the diaphragm and mimicking hydatid cyst of the liver in a 19-month-old girl and complete resection was successful. Expand
Acquired ileal atresia because of adhesive small bowel obstruction.
An unusual case of AIA caused because of adhesive small bowel obstruction of a 2-year-old girl in whom ileal atresia developed after drainage of a large intraabdominal abscess is reported. Expand
Management of ovarian cysts during infancy: autoamputation presenting as a possible pitfall
The present report discusses the possibility of an otherwise silent ovarian autoamputation, which may necessitate laparoscopic intervention for correct diagnosis, in neonates presenting with persistent ovarian cysts. Expand
Thoracoscopic assessment of mediastinal tuberculous lymphadenitis in a 4-month-old child.
The diagnostic and therapeutic feasibility of thoracoscopic mediastsinal node biopsy in a 4-month-old presenting mediastinal tuberculous lymphadenitis is reported. Expand
Conservative management in infectious mononucleosis related spontaneous splenic rupture
The case of a 16-year-old girl with infectious mononucleosis and who had splenic rupture and who was treated by non-operative approach is described. Expand
Is intensive phototherapy a risk factor for pathogenesis of intussusception?
Balloon extraction of a retained rectal foreign body under fluoroscopy, case report and review.
A 50-day-old male presenting with a retained broken tip of a mercury thermometer in the rectum is reported, and a novel method of diagnostic approach and treatment is discussed. Expand