Burak Aricak

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Nacrtak Forest roads provide access for people to study, enjoy or contemplate natural ecosystems. Therefore, roads are one of the most important tools needed in forestry. Forest roads are built by excavation of soil and rock. Rockfall occurs during construction works, caused by excavated rock pieces on embankment slopes and by blasting of block rock masses.(More)
Forest roads are essential for transport in managed forests, yet road construction causes environmental disturbance, both in the surface area the road covers and in erosion and downslope deposition of road fill material. The factors affecting the deposition distance of eroded road fill are the slope gradient and the density of plant cover. Thus, it is(More)
Becoming successful in fighting forest fires is not only a matter of taking the required measures into consideration and efficiently and economically using the resources, but also employing the cutting edge science and technology in every aspect of the process. Determining the potential fire prone regions within forest stands, plays an important role in the(More)
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Forest ecosystems which contain half of the terrestrial carbon deposits; play a significant role in shaping the global climate. Two different methods are used to determine the above-ground carbon stock capacity of forestlands. Direct measurement method takes a long time and requires both extensive as well as expensive field and laboratory work. One of the(More)
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