Burçak Tümerdem

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Ampute sol ayak için gerçeklefltirilen replantasyon ameliyat› sonras› ya¤ embolisi sendromu düflünülen olgu sunuldu. Ame-liyat sonras› pulmoner ve serebral fonksiyon bozukluklar› ge-liflen, majör ekstremite amputasyonuyla birlikte tibia k›r›¤› olan olguda arteriyel hipoksemiyi destekleyecek herhangi bir patoloji saptanmamas› bu tan›m›z› güçlendirmektedir.(More)
A 39-year-old man with pachydermoperiostosis is presented. He had enlarged, thickened upper eyelids that made it difficult for him to open his eyes. Eyelid correction was performed by resecting the excessive skin and orbicularis muscle in a fusiform shape and shortening the levator aponeurosis by plication. A wedge resection of the lateral third of the(More)
The eyelid-eyebrow region is the center for facial expression. Youth and beauty are associated with smooth, wrinkle-free skin and proportional facial features. The position of the eyebrows conveys emotion, and consequently, even a minor change in brow position can alter the expression of an individual's face. Repositioning the eyebrows and reducing the(More)
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