Bunjamin Memishi

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The inherent complexity of modern cloud infrastructures has created the need for innovative monitoring approaches, as state-of-the-art solutions used for other large-scale environments do not address specific cloud features. Although cloud monitoring is nowadays an active research field, a comprehensive study covering all its aspects has not been presented(More)
Creating a presentation for the web that drastically differs from standard ones is still a challenge and represents a milestone for many research groups. Virtual university campuses together with virtual learning represent one of these challenges, because it fuses in-place learning with Virtual Learning or education. In this paper we present the in house(More)
The popularity of MapReduce programming model has increased interest in the research community for its improvement. Among the other directions, the point of fault tolerance, concretely the failure detection issue seems to be a crucial one, but that until now has not reached its satisfying level. Motivated by this, I decided to devote my main research during(More)
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